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Daily Mail go fuck yourself

I just found out that the trans gender teacher who has been harrassed by the press and a vile article written about her by Daily Mail’s Richard Littlejohn has committed suicide. What a horrible and bigoted man to spout fear amongst daily mail’s narrow minded readers. Trans gender are human beings, and it seems the media forgets that and view them as entertainment for their sick and twisted minds. 

I was so angry reading about her suicide, what she did was brave- to embrace who she really is, who loved her job. She, and no one, deserves to be treated this way. For Richard asscunt Littlejohn to say “He’s not only in the wrong body..he’s in the wrong job” and to call her selfish shows how pathetic and backwards the daily mail is, and the parents who ‘feared for their children’ are just as bad. If anything, I would see having a transgender teacher as a way teach their kids to understand.

Richard Littlejohn, I hope her death lives in your conscience, and karma will get back at you. YOU cause her death one way or another.


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